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More women are learning about and experiencing the benefits of a Drug Free birth. Discover why these woman chose to birth naturally and read about their experiences.
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A natural home birth is safe. It's true! Women are most likely to labor best in a place where they feel free, safe, and private, with attendants whom they know and trust.

Look at the studies. Educate yourself. You might be surprised to find that, on average, a midwife assisted natural birth may result in less chance of complication, fewer interventions, and a healthier birth for you and your baby.

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St George, Utah Midwife Services

Among Midwives in St George Utah, You're in Good Hands

I have been assisting women and couples with home birth and other Midwife services in St George Utah for thirteen years. I promote and place great value on education and personalized care. I offer free consultations to anyone seeking a midwife in Southern Utah and am happy to meet with you and answer questions and discuss your options.

St George Midwife Serving all of Southern Utah

In addition to providing midwife services to those in Saint George Utah, I also welcome and offer homebirth and doula services to families throughout Southern Utah. If you're looking for a St George midwife, please accept a free consultation. Let's spend a few moments getting to know one another. When we meet, you'll find out why so many women are choosing a natural birth at home. In addition you will see why healthy women in St. George are choosing a midwife for their prenatal care, nutritional counseling, and more.

What are local women saying about their choice for a St George Midwife?

Take some time to read what local St George Mothers and some of my clients in the surrounding areas have said by reading thier birth stories. You'll be amazed by the courage and determination of some of our local St George mothers. Their experiences are truely inspiring!

The birth of a child can be one of life’s most amazing moments. I hope to assist you in experiencing the joy of home birth!

Education is your personal choice and opportunity

I view women as powerful, unique individuals with the awesome power to give life. I support each woman's right to birth her children according to her own believ system. It's a woman's right to gain education to gain confidence in achieving a healthy, happy and safe birth according to her needs, views and goals. Wwoman should have full autonomty to make the important decisionion surrounding the birth of her child. Education is key to the empowerment of a woman during pregnancy and birth. Begin with the basics about midwifery then continue to education yourself through the research of facts about homebirth and stats regarding the saftey of this awesome gift to women.

Saint George Midwife Services

The services I offer cover everything from advice on nutrition to the delivery of your baby. With the right information and proper preparation, you can have a successful home birth experience.

During our time together, I hope to develop a lasting friendship as well as give you everything you need to have an experience worth cherishing.

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