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A natural home birth is safe. It's true! Women are most likely to labor best in a place where they feel free, safe, and private, with attendants whom they know and trust.

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Michelle (Mikki) Brown
I started having children a little early in life. I became pregnant with my first child at the age of 19 and delivered him in the hospital just three days shy of my 20th birthday. I must say, my first experience was not a very good one. The birth lasted 17 hours. I was induced with my first one which I later decided never to do again. I had complications with my pelvic bone and the nurses were considering doing a C section. I panicked at the thought of that. I knew deep down that was not the way he was suppose to come. I wanted to try to have him natural but that was highly frowned upon. In fact, one nurse said to me, "We do not live in the pioneer era anymore, there is no reason you shouldn't get the epidural". After eight hours of labor I decided to take their advice. My son Drayben did not come for another 9 hours. When it came down to pushing they used forceps on me to get him out. I still remember the look on my husbands face. He later told me he thought the baby's head was going to pop off. To top it all off my episiotomy went all the way to my rectum. When I look back on the experience I remember feeling a lack patience among the staff present. I felt rushed and a bit of insensitivity. I was young and later learned I could do more to be in control of my birth experience.

My second child, Harrison, came almost 4 years later. I again went to the hospital. This time was a little different. My labor was quick and I decided to have him natural. I did well until my dilation was at a 9 1/2. Things got a little crazy, I had thoughts of death go through my mind but finally he came. He ended up being a couple ounces shy of 10 pounds. Maybe this is why I started to “see the light” at the end of the tunnel. The funny thing is a week later I told my friends and family if I had another baby I would do it naturally. My healing time and the health of the baby was great! I felt so much more alive and ready to get going with life again as soon as I had him. In fact, I asked to go home within the hour but we all know I was denied.

Four years passed and along came my first girl Lucy. This time I was getting more daring with the whole process. I wanted to have the natural experience of a home birth but I was scared. I think mainly from the unknown. I feel people get stuck in a comfort zone. Instead of trying what they feel they want they will do what they are used to or what everyone else is doing. This time I went with a OBGYN-Midwife who delivered my little girl at the hospital. I thought, because of my previous experience, I would have a very fast labor this time. Oh no, I was wrong! It was long. I ended up going home and coming back to the hospital during my labor. It was that or walk the hall... I don't think so, not in that much pain. I ended up getting an epidural and I truly believe it prolonged the birth. When I finally delivered her she was a couple ounces shy of eight pounds. I tore like I never before, in two different areas. I must say, I think I would of rather been cut… my tear was pretty bad! I think I could of had her natural but I knew the drugs were there so it was easy to accept them.

Our second little girl (and fourth child), Lydia, was born December 10 2006. This time I explored the unknown and went with a Midwife. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was actually with my previous OBGYN-Midwife who delivered my third child. I decided at six months to go with Janae Sherman. I started having feelings of wanting the home birth experience. I was very scared at first. I went back and forth with the whole idea several times. I did a lot of praying. For me I needed to know the choice I was about to make was going to work well for both me and my baby. After a month of really pondering I was left with a very calming answer that a home birth would be alright. I ended up going into labor 2 weeks early. I started having contractions around 2am. I woke my husband to let him know but he just said, "no your just having gas pains". I laid in bed one more hour having continuous contractions and knowing this was no gas problem. My husband and I both got up and started getting things ready. Of course the house needed a proper cleaning so we both started tidying up the place. I even made my husband scrub the tub out for me. We were on a roll, excited for the experience that was about to happen. I personally enjoyed having the freedom of cleaning and doing whatever I needed to keep my self busy during the contractions. This made everything go by so quickly. I called Janae a few hours later to come out to the house. When she arrived I was already at a 9+. By this time the pain was increasing greatly and she suggested getting into a warm bath. My husband filled the jacuzzi tub for me. The tub experience was great. Being in the water cut the contraction pain in half. I think one of the highlights of home birth is having the comfort of your own personal surrounding right there to do what you want with. While I was in the bath doing my thing Janae and Mike set up my birthing area. We decided to have the baby in our bedroom. Another great thing for us was our 3 other children were sleeping soundly on the other side of the house. We were lucky the hour allowed us to do this. When I got out of the bath Janae checked me again. It was time for me to start pushing. With each contraction the pain was intense. Janae kept me focused and was always concerned and sensitive about my feelings. Something that impressed me very much was when the baby was ready to come out, Janae let me know that I could rest and not push if I needed the break or, if I’d prefer, I could push and the baby would be out in the next couple of tries. Having someone give you the ability to endure your labor in the way you want is awesome! She made me feel so calm and I felt as though all time had stopped for our little miracle to happen! I swore to Janae that I would tear but, in all amazement, I didn’t! For The first time in my life I did not have to endure the healing process of an episiotomy or tearing.

Overall the home birth was an incredible experience! It is definitely not pain free but the end result is so worth the sacrifice. If I had to pick one major highlight of my experience it would be my husband’s contribution during the entire experience. In every birth I have had in the past, my husband seemed to sit back on the side lines watching in fear of getting in the way of the doctor of nurses. No one ever really asked for his help in any of my prior births except Janae. I watched with this one as he constantly prepared everything for me, rushing all around the house getting what I needed or what Janae needed. And in the end he was holding me and helping me push. Through the worst pain of it all he was at my side. After the baby had arrived he took our new little one into the bedroom across the house and introduced her to her two older brothers and big sister. That, too me, made the home birth all worth it!

The comfort of have the baby in my own home accompanied by the calming spirit there was so incredible (not to mention the food is much better!).

Thank you Janae!

With Love - Mikki