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A natural home birth is safe. It's true! Women are most likely to labor best in a place where they feel free, safe, and private, with attendants whom they know and trust.

Educate yourself. Look at the studdies and the stats. You might be surprised to find that, on average, a midwife assisted natural birth may result in less chance of complications, fewer interventions, and a healthier birth for you and for your baby. © 2010  |  Privacy Policy
Melissa Wells
I decided to have a home birth after talking with several women who had tried it and loved it. Hearing about their deliveries, which took place in an atmosphere of peace and comfort, made me excited to have the same experience. After choosinging a midwife I was able to have all my questions answered and my concerns where resolved.

When the time to have my baby arrived, the contractions started in the morning and continued through out the day. They weren’t painful, I could just tell something was happening. Around 10:00 p.m. they really picked up and began to hurt. Janae was soon there. She put hot rags on my stomach and lower back and then pushed on parts of my back to relieved the pain. She help me through my breathing and also helped me to stay focused. She really helped me keep my mind on track so I could accomplish the hard but rewarding task of labor. When my contractions got closer Janae called my other midwife and together they worked and helped me get through the pushing phase. After a lot of work my baby was born... happy, healthy and alert!

Janae was with me for each of my 3 births. At my last birth Janae had just completed her midwifery training and was a huge asset to me at the delivery. I felt so comfortable with her. She assisted in monitoring me and the baby throughout my pregnancy and labor. My midwives took every necessary precaution s long every step of the way. I always felt I was in good hands and that I had made the right choice. I loved having my babies at home! Janae is an amazing dula and midwife.

I have known Janae for many years. I know that midwifery has been her passion for quite some time. I have watched her prepare and learn the things she needed to know to be the best at what she does. Her passion for midwifery really shows through. She has been very fortunate to train under an experienced midwife. You can tell when Janae talks about and participates in a birth she knows and loves what she is doing. I am grateful for women like Janae who are passionate about what they do. She helped me to have the type of experience with birth that I wanted to have.